For The Patient

Partial Flex® is the perfect prosthesis for partially edentulous patients who care about a simple, comfortable and esthetic solution.

  • flexible but unbreakable
  • extremely lightweighted
  • hypoallergenic
  • tasteless and translucent
  • stable in the mouth
  • resistant and easy to clean
  • hydrophobe (water absorption 0,01%)
In general the Partial Flex prosthesis is a good intermediate solution for patients awaiting implants (light weight, putting no pressure on wounds).

If longer use of flexible material alone which is muco-based, it will lead to bone resorption as the full pressure load is affecting the healthy bone. To reduce this damage, Partial Flex can be combined with metal appliances or the occlusal metal stops to reduce the bone resorption.

As teeth are anchored, bacteria ingrowth is possible, which is not possible with other polymers as the teeths are fixed using glues. For prevention of bacterial contamination weekly cleaning with hypochloride is recommended.

It is recommended to maximally wear the prosthesis 12 hours per day for gingiva rest. Furthermore it is recommended to send the prosthesis to the laboratory for surface evaluation and repair.

Maximal life time is 5 years as the acrylic teeth have limited life time.

Clinical Case:
Female patient of 65 years:
Cavities and multiple tooth absences.
Removable Partial Flex® prosthesis:

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