Clinical Cases

Partial Flex® and Implants
Clinical case developed in Italy by Doctor Sandro Pili and Dental Technician Lorenzo Piccolo.

A 60 years-old female patient presents to our clinic with aesthetic and functional problems (mouth slightly twisted) due to an erroneous acrylic prosthesis.


It decides a very thin Partial Flex prosthetic rehabilitation (as the patient does not want to have the upper palate in the new prosthesis) and 8 immediate implants to be applied with electronic welding in a single surgical session.

For this rehabilitation, Dr. Pili has chosen implants 3 mm in diameter with an emergency rather limited and prone to stabilization by electro-welding directly into the mouth of the patient. Such implants also have layers of stabilization (or ringg) reduced, particularly adapted to the Partial Flex prosthesis that have to respect the thickness.

Once positioned the 4 inferior and 4 superior implants welded electronically, stabilization with a titanium rod also gave two unbeatable advantages:
1. better stability of positioned implants.
2. security in case there is any inaccuracy due to even minimal.
manufacture of the final prosthesis in Flex Partial. This inaccuracy would be neutralized by the titanium bar which stabilizes all implants and the O ring endowed with a remarkable resilience (a transversal continuous traction on the implants later would carry a loss thereof).

Dr. Pili has selected a particular type of implant ad hoc with mobil prosthesis in which the layer is particularly suited to the small and thickness of Partial Flex. To obtain a thin and light prosthesis but extremely tough and anatomical in mouth to ensure greater durability over time. (Only Partial Flex presents these features).
Pre-emptively have been manufactured 2 temporary acrylic prosthesis to not leaving the patient too long without teeth, and are subsequently adapted to implant directly in the mouth.


After a few weeks the acrylic prostheses are broken where the implants are located.


Beginning of the proceedings to make the impressions for Partial Flex®.




Denture wax try-in:

Finished prosthesis:


The patient feels good with the prosthesis despite being thin and light.


Clinical case developed in Italy by Doctor Sandro Pili and Dental Technician Lorenzo Piccolo.

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